How to Torrent securely!

I personally use Deluge on Windows 10 for torrenting because it is FREE and isn't loaded full of garbage and i use a HTTP proxy which is on Port 8080.
Ofcourse , You can google for more proxies and i suggest using ones that are outside of your country so they don't have (or have less) legal authority etc or care to report you. So , I mainly use China / Middle East etc.
If you have Comcast (like me) and you torrent without a proxy you may risk getting busted by your ISP , which would suck.
I also get my torrent files from so i know their chances of actually working is hightened and that its not viruses which ThePirateBay suffers from.
I have the encryption set to "Full stream" and to encrypt the entire stream. I do have DHT,Peer-Exchange etc enabled but those can be disabled if you are a paranoia freak.
Now for security , I use AVG and Malwarebytes but also have FortiCliet to block Malicious websites.
This is how i do it and it may not work for you if you are somewhere where your Government , ISP , School , Workplace etc blocks it you may be screwed,
and i suggest trying different proxies on different ports until you get it to work.

I use Windows 10 Pro but these do work with Windows 8.1 as i done it before.

How to browse the internet securely!

Now , If you are in a country such as China or somewhere in the Middle East where you have to deal with heavy filtering and monitorin
and where you may be at risk of losing your life (Especially , if you do not follow their beliefs) you should seriously use a VPN or even TOR
because it will hopefully bypass their filters and encrypt your data from being snooped on by a evil government for example
Or you may just a VPN for goofing off at school etc but heres how to do it for FREE!
I personally use VPNDefender on my iPhone because it is free and unlimited and doe's the job.
But there are more such as Tunnelbear , Faceless VPN etc available at the Apple appstore and Android doe's have its fair share of VPNs.
Now note , That some VPNS use PPTP while others use IPSec/OpenVPN etc and these protocols may be blocked or result in risk to you.
DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you are in the Middle East , i feel it is best to use TOR as although it is slow and Netflix etc won't work for it
it is encrypted and harder to snoop on then a regular VPN connection and routed through many servers ; Thus more protected.
TORBrowser is really easy to set-up on Windows & Mac too.

I suggest you do some searching around to find more information and the right configuration that will work for you. Do this at your own risk.